Going Viral (mm hmm) with a Fat Giveaway

In the spirit of introducing more of our lovely mortgage team, the above picture is of Will Zugheri. I like Will because he gave me a nickname (jealous, Chad?). Will is a super-fun mortgage banker and taught me a trick once. If you go to Vegas, slip a twenty-dollar bill between your credit card and licence (the hotel check-in lady apparently always asks for these). As you hand the goodies over, you should say, “Do you have any upgrades available?” And if there are, you get them, see?

Is that illegal? If it is, we’ll assume Will doesn’t actually use that trick himself, but just heard about it from a friend. If it’s not, you can take it as evidence of his mortgage smarts. Of course we’re all so ethical and moral over here at The Memorial Branch of Envoy that it’s sad, but it’s kind of fun to think that your mortgage banker knows Vegas tricks, right?

It wouldn’t surprise me if Will tries to enter my giveaway and slip me some cash under the table to ensure his win. Oh kidding. Giveaway, you ask?

Remember how the Bosses are itching for this mortgage blog to go viral? (That’s rich, really.) In order to help them out, plus get the word out about the fact that I’ll now be making fun of writing about our whole team here at the Memorial Branch of Envoy Mortgage, it’s time for a giveaway.

Hang with me, because I know some of my giveaways are lame (remember when I gave away moving stickers?). Today’s giveaway involves a combo gift pack:

First, one Just the Assistant T-shirt of your choice:

Women’s Slightly Fitted T:

Men’s Beefy T:

Men’s Metrosexual T:


A $75 gift card to Zelko Bistro in the Heights!

I celebrated a dear friend’s birthday there last weekend. After throwing veganism to the wind for the night and wolfing down a plate of shrimp and grits, I knew I wanted you all to check this place out. It’s just good food, people. Perfect date spot,  perfect girls’ night out joint, perfect “I can’t believe he didn’t call and now I need a chocolate mousse and good wine” place.

Here’s how to enter.

Share my blog with your peeps (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your own blog – however you wish) and let people know that Just the Assistant is expanding her territory.

As always, we’ll use the honor system. Simply comment below or email me to let me know you’ve shared this soon-to-be-viral (precious, right?) mortgage office blog. I will then draw a winner at random.

Our wee contest is open for one full week.

I should remind you all that my giveaways are not like the giveaways of people with famous websites. This is a mortgage blog. How many people do you think enter mortgage blog contests? Let’s just say your chances are, ahem,  – okay listen – in one of my giveaways, four people entered.

I’ll announce the winner one week from today.

Okay, you all go share the blog and decide on your favorite T-shirt style, and I’m going to have a chat with Will about eligibility rules.

20 thoughts on “Going Viral (mm hmm) with a Fat Giveaway

  1. So, years ago (when David & I thought about buying a home) I did a random search for a mortgage company in the Heights, made an appointment & spoke with someone… just to get an idea of whether or not we were ready to afford what we wanted in a home. Until just this moment, I never realized that this was the same Envoy office you blog about. How did I just realize this? I recognized Will’s picture as the guy I met with! Will was awesome & honest. We basically decided that David & I should wait a couple of years to purchase… It was so nice not being pushed into spending more than we wanted to, so I’ve always said I would track him down & talk to him again when we actually decide to buy (which may be in the near future now)!

    Oh, and I shared, so enter me in that giveaway! 🙂

  2. I shared you on FB friend! Oh, but you are mistaken… my birthday wasn’t last weekend… silly girl! 😉

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