The Official Political Stance of Envoy Mortgage

In response to all the political banter on Facebook and the like, I’d like to give you all Envoy Mortgage’s official stance on the election:

Hee hee! Just wanted all the higher-ups to sweat in their suits a bit! Okay but really, James wanted us all to vote for. . . Alright – I’m stopping!

And before I go on – thanks for those who’ve entered my super fun giveaway.

You can still enter if you haven’t already. And just so you don’t think you’re one of millions entering and you have no shot at my fancy combo gift pack, eleven people have entered so far. Eleven. Eleven thousand, you say? No. Eleven. The great thing about writing a mortgage blog is I don’t have to worry about my readers feeling lost in a crowd. You’re all special, dear readers, all eleven of you. Especially since five of you reside on the same family tree as me.

Okay, enough. Onto business…

As all eleven of you know, I’m expanding my territory and will be writing about more than just the Bosses from here on out. The plan was to write about how fabulous the other mortgage bankers in our branch are and entice you to get loans with everyone on the team. I’ll do that. I’ll do it in my own sweet time. But for now, I need you all to meet someone else. Readers, allow me to introduce Otis:

You know how you enter some buildings and find a snobby man behind a desk chewing gum and playing on his phone? Not in our building. In our building here in the Heights, Otis greets you. He smiles, he tells you where you need to go, and he shows you exactly where to sign your name on the sign-in sheet. He also usually has music playing from his laptop, so it’s like you get to enter a little mini-dance club when you walk into the building. I’m telling you, the guy makes my day. A few weeks ago I even saw him holding the flashlight for a repairman working on the elevators. He still greeted folks though. He’d kind of shout “Hey! Good morning!” from the elevator bank to make sure everyone felt welcome.

I once worked for a mortgage bank in college in which I was the one who greeted poor souls when they walked in. One day, I was busy making paper angels that all held hands, and as I unfolded my creation, I saw two borrowers staring at me though the glass, waiting to be helped. I’m totally serious. It was not my finest career moment. All this to say, our borrowers really enjoy walking in and being greeted by Otis.

If you’d like to meet Otis and have him give you directions up to our suite on the fourth floor so that you can have a chat with one of our fab mortgage bankers about a home loan of your very own, contact me.

In the meantime, help make Facebook and Twitter better places by entering my giveaway (share me with the world and let me know you did it), for which I’ll be conducting a drawing on Friday. They’ll probably air it live on CNN, but in case you miss that, just come here for the pictures. I’m off to consult with Otis on the playlist for your victory party.

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  1. Otis should be nominated for Concierge man of the year at the City Concierge awards! You may be thinking to yourself what is that? Well its an award show that just the assistant hasn’t finished (nor started for that matter) organizing.

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