We are so, so low here…

Thanks for all who asked Jason on a date! He’s currently reviewing his spirituality since many of the suitors are Christians and want to know his feelings on Jesus. I’ll report back when that gets that wrapped up.

Things are hectic in the office today. It started while we were sitting quietly working in our cubes and were interrupted by abrupt cursing. Seems Hayley (remember Hayley? Used to be the loan coordinator; worked her way up to being a mortgage banker and is so good at it that I’ve heard the Bosses, James and Chad, ask her questions about mortgages) forgot that she had jury duty today. Apparently jury duty begins at 12:30, and her phone alerted her at 11:48 that she needed to head out. That’s when the potty mouthing began. That, along with, “What happens if I miss it?! Can I bring my laptop?!”

Will and I kind of mumbled something about it not being a good idea to miss, and after Hayley literally ran out the door with her laptop bouncing all around, Will and I agreed that we’re pretty sure she’d be quasi-arrested if she didn’t show up.

“Would she have a warrant?” I asked.

“It’d be something close to that.”

So now Hayley is gone. Then guess what happened? First of all, I’m not allowed to write interest rates here on the blog for a slew of reasons (lawsuits, potential prison time, the Boss Chad having a heart attack and telling me to go read my Glamour Magazines at home). But I will tell you this. I have been working in the mortgage industry for a combined total of six and a half years. Today I overheard Jason (the online dater mortgage banker) lock someone in with the lowest interest rate I have ever personally seen/heard. In six years of loitering about mortgage banks, I’ve seen a lot of interest rates. I’m not saying that the interest rate he provided today is the lowest rate that’s ever been provided in the universe, but it is the lowest I’ve ever heard of, period.

If you are remotely thinking about buying a house, or refinancing the one you already own, contact one of us today. After Jason hung up with his client, our loan coordinator, Andie, said, “I wish I was buying a house right now so I could get that rate.” Plus, I just asked Andie if that rate was the lowest rate she’s heard, and it is. I know I’m sounding pushy here, but it’s like free money, people! Besides, I’m small and the Internet allows me to be a bully. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised that at rates this low, a mortgage payment will be less than your rent.

Okay, I’m stopping! Back to office scoop. Well, actually there is no more scoop. Here’s the thing. I leave on Friday for Rwanda. This is my last post until after Thanksgiving. I’ll be spending the rest of the week popping malaria pills, counting all my socks, stuffing toilet paper into my carryon, and trying to convince my mother than I’m not hopping a plane only to be abducted by African rebels. This morning, she called and wanted to know how many men were going on the trip. When I told her two she kind of moaned and screamed at the same time.

All this to say, I’m serious about this being the best week of my career to get a mortgage. But, I’m going to need you to email James or Chad instead of me to find out more. James and Chad will listen to your situation, and connect you with the right mortgage banker for your needs.

Okay, while I calm my mother down, you all contact this office. And please tune back in after Thanksgiving. Hopefully by then, Hayley will be off her high-profile court case, Jason will have found the love of his life, and you all will be on track to securing the best home loan in the state of Texas.

[Insert witty Rwandan statement here about seeing you soon.]