The Flirt

I’m on a business trip. Well, my husband’s on a business trip and I’m writing you all from a hotel room in Kansas City. This morning, whilst enjoying my free hotel breakfast, a very loud business man began flirting with me. Now, I’m not trying to poof myself up here, but come on, ladies know when we’re being flirted with.

But wasn’t Mr. Loud Business Man surprised when he asked what brought this girl to Kansas City? “I’m tagging along on my husband’s business trip. Hmph.”

Mr. Loud Business Man: “Oh yeah, what’s he do?”

Turns out, they work for the same company. As I’ve recreated the situation in my head, I picture him realizing that my husband is his boss, and today is the day he finds out if he’s going to get a promotion or not. Ha! No promo for you, Mr. Loud Business Man! Now, excuse me while I go call your boss. Woo ha ha ha! Then Mr. LBM sulks over his salted scrambled eggs while I make my phone call.

In reality, they work in different cities for different divisions of the company. But don’t you think my made-up version is so much better?

Speaking of made-up life, our branch now has its own Facebook Page! As of today, 17 of you like us. Let’s make it 18, folks!

Like Us! Like Us Now! – Click this handy link and then click the “Like” button. You won’t regret it.

Back at the mortgage office, the team is gearing up for Christmas. Yes, it’s probably illegal to say Christmas these days instead of “holidays,” but since we bought a tree for the office and hung ornaments on it, I don’t think we’ll be fooling anyone anyway.

Sweet Hayley made each of us our own ornament!

Terry's Ornament

Online Dater Jason tops off our tree with an angel.

Christmas Tree

If you’d like your picture on our Facebook page, please secure a loan with one of our fabulous mortgage bankers, show up to closing wearing your best suit, and tag yourself in the photos we snap of you signing on your very own home loan. If you’d like an ornament on our tree, call Hayley. If you’d like to flirt with me in the Hyatt Place kitchen and throw away your chances at future promotions, think again.

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  1. Hey neighbor – I’d click on the link and the “like” button – but you might think I’m “flirting” with you !!!

    Cheers – and MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

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