Christmas at the Memorial Branch

I feel like I shouldn’t write anything here until I at least say that we’re just as shocked and saddened by the news today of the shooting in Connecticut as all of you are. Praying along with you, readers. . .

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that three sweet kids under five living on the east side of Houston don’t read this mortgage blog. If they do, I’m about to spoil a Christmas surprise for them…

Merry Christmas

I’ve said it before. I work with wonderful people. People who don’t just provide solid mortgages for the fine folks of Texas, but people who buy onesies and car seats and princess dresses and a three-pack of whoopi cushions for one family living in poverty in the middle of Houston.

Now then, I feel a bit silly even mentioning this now, but for the four of you on the edge of your seats waiting to discover who wins the caption contest from last week, first of all, you should see a good therapist, and second of all, I apologize that I have to hold off on announcing a winner until next week. In order to keep our contests fair and square around here, I chose one super funny co-worker, Andie, to select the winner (Andie has vowed not to peek on who wrote what). Too bad I have no idea where Andie is today, and received a generic out-of-office reply when I emailed her. Feel free to friend her on Facebook and poke her often over the weekend to ensure she understands the gravity of this situation.

And if those toddlers are reading after all – please like us on Facebook! (And tell your mom I’m sorry about ruining the whole Santa Claus thing.)