The Emily Series Part I: A Reader in the Office

They might not fire me after all, folks. A reader came in. And she’s buying a house.

For those of you who just began reading here, let me back up. When my dear Boss James first hired me years ago, he had this harebrained idea that in addition to pouring his coffee and taking his shirts to the cleaners, that I would actually bring him loans.

That didn’t happen.

And that’s why I’ve been on the brink of being fired since day one. Since I started this blog, my general plan was for hundreds of thousands of people to read it (didn’t happen), and for thousands of people to flock to my beloved coworkers for home loans (not so much).

To date, my blog has brought this company four loans. Four thousand loans? Nope. Four loans.

And that is why it is a very big deal that today, a reader came in to meet with my dear Boss Chad to discuss her home loan options.

This reader, Emily, has graciously agreed to let us follow her on her home buying journey. To ensure she is not mobbed by throngs of blog readers lined up outside our office, we’re concealing her full identity for now.

Just the Assistant and the Borrower

To prep for her arrival, I donned my flowered power blazer this morning, then loudly spoke about my “meeting” once I got to the office. “Excuse me, everyone? Hold my calls. I HAVE A MEETING.” Christi, our new front desk secretary sort of slowly nodded to make me feel better (I’ve never received a call, not once).

When Emily arrived, she was instantly wowed by our welcome sign.

Welcome, Emily!

Then I felt bad for making fun of the Bosses for doing it. “Overkill. Trying too hard – all I’m saying!”

Then it was time for Chad to be wowed. Emily is already proving she is a model borrower.

Exhibit A:

Model Borrower

Emily brought in her paperwork, with each tax year separated into different gallon bags. I thought Chad was going to kiss her. And then we gushed over her credit report for a while, until Emily said, “I feel like a superstar right now!” That’s because you are, Emily.

Other notable quotes:

“Can I come here every week?”

“This is such a neat presentation.”

After the meeting, the one where Chad explained all parts of the loan process and all of Emily’s different options while I smiled and nodded, so proud of my Boss, I paraded Emily around the office cubes. “And this is where I sit, and this is where Andie sits, and this is where Terry sits…”

And then, I’m not even kidding, Emily and I left to go house hunting. How’s that for service? Yes, yes, I realize she has a realtor for that, but I’m just trying to make myself useful here.

Stay tuned for more of Emily’s home buying process. Maybe we’ll post her top three houses and make her buy the one the readers vote for? While I check on that, you all have a merry Christmas. This is my last post until the new year, so you all search for your dream home between opening presents, and we’ll chat in January. Merry Christmas, sweet readers!

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  1. WOW – makes me wanna buy another house – oops, that would mean moving after 50 years of “accumulating” – BAAAD Idea !!!

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