Help Me Stir the Pot

Are you kidding me? I’m like, unstoppable here. Another reader came in to meet with my fine Boss Chad about a loan! Yes way! You know how I’ve been telling you all that you can simply come in to chit-chat with any of my fab team to find out how much loan you can afford and what options are available to you? Well that’s exactly what this reader did. So that I’m not gabbing about everyone’s business on the web here, we’ll call her Lori.

Lori came in knowing that she’d like to purchase her first house sometime soon, but she didn’t even know what price range she should be focusing on. Could she afford a $150,000 home, $250,000? Until she saw the breakdown of the monthly payments for each, including taxes and insurance, she really wasn’t sure. Chad was able to show all of that though, and Lori walked away with any exact price of house she knows she can comfortably afford. It was beautiful really.

Chad wows Lori with his mortgage wisdom.

Chad wows Lori with his mortgage wisdom.

And it has led me to a greater plan. A plan that I need your help with.

A couple of months ago, I posted a little survey here to find out what you sweet readers want to see more of. Well, I was simply overwhelmed by the responses. Kidding. I think 16 people replied, but of the 14 of you who weren’t my Bosses, you all said you want more office gossip. Do I have a deal for you.

Here’s the thing. James is a wee bit jealous that my readers have come in to chat with Chad about loans. He tried to act like he was all cool and fake jokey about it, but I knew he was fake fake joking, that he really was annoyed. I even asked if he was juicing again. (For any of my new readers – no, James Beaver is not “on the juice” meaning he shoots steroids and screams as he bench presses; rather he dabbles in drinking only liquefied bok choy for weeks at a time.) Alas, he claims he’s not juicing now. So he must be plain cranky.

Here’s where the office gossip comes in, dear readers. You can help me stir the pot over here. Let’s set up boatloads of loan meetings with everybody but James! Woo ha ha ha! You want a funny loan officer? Terry Kelling is ready and waiting. You want a loan officer plus a nice dinner? Jason Bates is the man with the dates (I know, that was horrible). You want an awesome loan plus some Hollywood gossip? Christina Gobe is the lady for you. You want to refinance your house with someone who could break your arms? Will Zugheri is your man. You want someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and then knocks your socks off with her loan smarts? Hayley Rudy is on fire.

Now, your job. If you would like to help me turn James Beaver green with envy in addition to the green hue he receives from juicing, let me know by filling out my super handy form below. Just think, this could be you!

Lori and JTA