New Reads, New Readers

Glamour Magazine can kiss my butt. Oh yes I did just say that! Here’s the thing. They’re all the time interviewing hip stylists who wear found jewelry from antique boutiques in the French countryside and asking for their “insider tips” as to what’s hot and what’s not. And every single hip stylist says the same thing: “Tread trends lightly. Find what works for YOU and stick with it!” And every time I read these articles, I nod approvingly. Yep, nailed it again ole Glamour! No animal fur hats for this girl!

But they blew all of that today. It started when I spied my new Glamour in the mailbox last night and greedily snatched it from its plastic cover, inhaling the soft perfumed smell and gazing at Zooey Deschanel’s cool hair. And then I made the mistake of opening it this morning as I chewed my fruit and sipped my green tea. I almost choked on my strawberries.

Football Jackets

Shut the front door, people. Glamour Magazine said football jackets are chic. What planet are you on, Mrs. Glamour? Football jackets? I don’t even think those should be allowed at football games. Or even like, in the world.

Please note this particular girl who I don’t know. Glamour says her gold stretchy pants and nails are glam. Did you hear that? Glam.

Football Don't

It’s a good thing Glamour has rubbed me the wrong way today. Why? Because I just found out that the average age of my readership has increased, and I don’t think chic seventy-something year olds read magazines that call gold stretchy pants with football jackets glam. I may start highlighting AARP here a bit more. You know, connect with my readers.

Here’s the thing. I’ve bragged on our V-shaped mortgage banker Will Zugheri here before. Well, turns out, Will passed my blog along to his mom, and she passed my blog along to her Red Hat Society. Oh yes she did! Hi, Mrs. V-Shaped Will’s Mom and red-hatted friends!

I couldn’t be more thrilled that a group of super hip red hat-donning gals has even read one post of mine. To keep them reading, while I’ll still gush over Anthropologie’s newest finds (since chic, mature ladies shop there, too) I should probably start frequenting Coldwater Creek and the bunch as well, just to stay current. More on that to come.

Okay, onto mortgages! Oh, you know what? Let’s forget about those, just for today. They’re great, really. Mortgages, that is. Saving you money and making you rich and famous and all that, but how about we skip over them this time. Besides, it’s raining, and I’ve got a Cat Fancy to read.

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  1. Ha ha… and 33% of those surveyed apparently own one, huh? Probably their jackets from highschool with ’94 – ’02 on the sides of the arms, collecting dust in a closet at their parents house.

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