Let’s Regroup

It’s time we regroup. Here’s what’s been going on in the mortgage office:

  • Last night, my Boss Chad and his wife Rachelle (our loan processor) hosted a birthday party for Hayley (our rock star mortgage banker). Just curious – when was the last time your boss threw you a birthday party? Oh, never? Mm hmm.
  • During the party, we played Catch Phrase, a game in which you try to get teammates to guess a certain word. Rachelle’s turn came. “The name of my cat! The name of my cat!” she shrieked. I went blank. “Elvis?” “YOU DON’T KNOW MY CAT’S NAME!!@!!!?” Hayley started to cry (or almost, anyway), and I finally remembered  – “Jack!” Rachelle is still not speaking to us. (In all fairness, he looks like an Elvis if you ask me.)
  • James has given up liquid dieting and is…wait for it…trying to live like a normal person who eats well and exercises. You can follow his progress by clicking: James’ workout adventure.
  • The entire office’s email went down this week for one full day. Gobe (who is usually a really good mortgage banker) laid down under her desk and browsed gossip blogs for a solid half hour.
  • After she woke up, we all played Win Lose or Draw:
  • Think the Big Box Bank has staff this hot? Think again.

    Think the Big Box Bank has staff this hot? Think again.

  • Win Lose or Draw Masterpiece

    This was my masterpiece. (Hint: It’s a movie.)

  • I’ve had several bites on my house I’m trying to rent. You readers rock!
  • James and Chad still frown upon me encouraging their business to dry up.
  • The entire office is officially flu free.
  • This month will be a record-breaking January for our branch. January is usually horrible for mortgages because everybody is all depressed about Christmas being over, but this month has been ca-razy good! The team won’t have to go on the dole after all!
  • For the first time in the history of the universe, a client called our office for a loan based solely on reading the blog. He didn’t call me, but just straight up called the office. Bam! I won’t have to go on the dole either!

If you’d like to chat more about how to make February another record month for us, Rachelle’s cat’s naming rights or James’ workout regime, call or email me. Now, off to unsubscribe from welfare.

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