Thank God it’s…Somebody’s Birthday

No joke, the garbage truck just broke down in front of my house while clasped onto my garbage can. Below, the picture of my garbage man holding my garbage can hostage:

Garbage Can Hostage

Garbage Can Still Hostage

After sitting in front of my house for a while, smoking a cigarette and guzzling bottled water, the garbage man was finally able to get ole Blue to crank.

Garbage Can Free

Speaking of stress, it’s been a doozy of a week at the mortgage office. Well, not for everyone. See, Chad and Rachelle just got back from the Circle of Excellence trip (that’s the fancy award vacay they won for our branch being the most fabulous branch in the company). Please note this is the trip that I have tried to attend for years now but am continually denied. Please also note that I am very upset with our company for not allowing me to attend as the corporate blogger and that won’t they be sorry when I start blogging for the Evil Big Box Banks and leave them in the dust. I mean, not that the Big Box Banks have asked, but, you know, they might. Anyway, while Chad and Rachelle are all tanned and refreshed from their jaunt in Cabo, the rest of the office passed the week going nuts.

On Wednesday, Nikki pranced in with a birthday cake and it’s not even any of our birthdays. It was just a stressful day and she knew everybody needed cake. Hayley walked in the kitchen going, “Oh! Cake! Who’s birthday?” as she shoveled it onto her plate, preparing to eat away her stress.

Happy Birthday Somebody

While the office worked like mad with deadlines and crazy phone calls and not eating lunch until 4:30, our borrowers kicked back and enjoyed peaceful weeks with their families.

Behind the Scenes

If you would like to send a relaxing candle set to my hardworking co-workers, please fill out a loan application on the right. If that was your birthday cake Nikki mistakenly picked up from Kroger instead of the TGIF one she originally ordered, we’re really sorry and we hope you had a great birthday. The cake was delicious.