Andie’s No Good Very Bad Day

Andie is having a hard day. Andie is our loan coordinator (a role I loosely held for about two business days until the Bosses realized I’m a bit of a lazy bone and have no ambition). Andie is also a hipster, and hipsters are emotional. Then there’s the fact that sometimes when people in the office are stressed, they pick on Andie. A client doesn’t turn in paperwork in a timely manner = “Andie, why are you eating a Three Musketeers for lunch? That’s ridiculous.” Interest rates take a hit =  “Seriously Andie, why are you still wearing your coat inside? Are you that cold?”

It all adds up, dear readers, and Andie is having a bad day. She says, “I’m having a fine day, I’m just very busy.” We in the office cannot accept this though. If you’re not chatting with the rest of us, you must be grumpy.

“If you need to talk, I’m here,” Jason told her, offering a carrot (food usually cheers her up).

Andie and the Carrots

“Guys, seriously, I’m just busy.”

Hayley signed her up for a daily affirmation blog (and brought her tissues).

Andie and the Tissues

“I’m not having a bad day! Why does everybody think I’m having a bad day?” Andie replied. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the, uh, hood you’re wearing.

I know I always ask you all to send me flowers, but Andie needs some flowers today, people. “I’m not having a bad day!” she yells over my shoulder. Mm hmm. Poor thing.

She also needs cheering up. I asked the rest of the office to tell me what they love about Andie. Everybody began shouting over cubes:

“Her positive nature!”

“When the corporate office helped her on a loan, she brought them cookies – homemade!”

“She bakes for us!”

“She cares about our borrowers!”

Eventually I grew bored and wandered off to gossip with our front desk receptionist (the Bosses are currently discussing ways to prevent me from interrupting everyone’s work), and ten minutes later when I returned, I heard Nikki talking loudly to nobody in particular: “And the way she makes us all laugh! And that one time she brought us cookie dough! And-”

While Nikki wraps that up, if you would like to brighten the hipster’s day, please fill out a loan application on the right and type an inspirational quote in the referred by section (and turn in all your documents in a timely fashion so we can stop taking everything out on poor Andie).

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