Kindle Fire Giveaway and the Cycle of Scrambled Eggs

First of all, isn’t something big happening today concerning the government and money and taxes and firefighters? Never worry, dear readers, I have a plan. But first let’s get caught up on office gossip.

Remember how Hayley’s dog pulled his neck muscle? Poor guy’s still fighting. Next week Hayley has an appointment with a dachshund spine specialist. I’m not making that up. Did y’all know there is such thing as a dachshund spine specialist, and if so, why didn’t you tell me? Fascinating. Now then…

Remember how I also told you nobody ever enters my giveaways? Well, like ten people enter sometimes. Okay, so literally nobody entered my last giveaway. And I was giving away a Kindle Fire HD. What! Congratulations Nobody!

However, in order to prove to my Bosses and team that I am not a total drain on their system and lives in general, I’m reinstating the giveaway. Here’s the new scoop. Realtors – subscribe to my blog during the month of March, and I will enter you in my new giveaway. Please note that zero people entered last time, so your chances are, uh, well they’re pretty good. At the end of the month, I will randomly select a lucky realtor-subscriber to win my fancy Kindle Fire HD. Why only realtors? Let me explain…

See, every industry has another industry that they smooch up to. Cafeteria food companies smooch up to hospitals, garbage dumps smooch up to Waste Management, and Colgate smooches up to dentists around the world. I haven’t fact checked any of this, but I can put two and two together just like the next gal.

Well in the mortgage world it goes like this: On any given day in our office, there are mounds of free food and mouse pads and pens and donuts, all given to us by insurance folks. They also bring us scrambled eggs, in hopes that we recommend their insurance to our borrowers, and we in turn deliver those same scrambled eggs to realtors after we’ve heated them up in the microwave (hee hee!), because we want realtors to refer their house hunters to us. And realtors? They just get to sit back and eat scrambled eggs (and play on their new Kindle Fire HD if they so choose).

So listen, dear readers. If you are not a realtor, I still love you and would be living on the dole if it weren’t for you. But just this once, I need to cater to realtors, because my plan to make my team rich and famous involves realtors falling in love with Chad, James, Hayley, Will, Jason and Sandra. And don’t worry – my next fabulous giveaway will be catered straight to the common folks.

For all of your viewing pleasure, I suckered in our lovely front desk receptionist, Christi, to model the Fire.

I heard hot chicks can sell stuff.

I heard hot chicks are helpful in selling stuff.

(Please note Christi is not only super hot, but super single, so the arrow could be pointing to the Kindle Fire OR Christi. Please contact me for dating possibilities – is that illegal?)

Finally, I’m not saying it’s a totally for sure thing that my giveaway will solve this whole tax debacle, but I am saying it could certainly put a dent in it.

So slap that email address in the box on the right, and enjoy Just the Assistant’s handy mortgage scoop sent straight to your inbox at the frequency of your choosing. Now, off to meet with Congress.

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  4. I am not a realtor yet, but thinking about becoming one (Seriously)!!! You are the funniest and cutest Assistant I have ever met!

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