From Phones to Loans: The Hottest Mortgage Banker in Texas

You know the lady who talks on the phone in the handicap stall in the women’s restroom on our floor? The one who gets perturbed when we flush the toilets because it interrupts her calls? Well she just bought our old office refrigerator. Our front desk receptionist hung signs all over the building advertising our steal-of-a-deal $50 fridge sale, and thirty minutes later Stall Lady showed up with a fifty dollar bill.  I’ll bet she plans to roll that thing into her stall so she can set up shop properly. I’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of office scoop, if you’ve been reading here for any amount of time (and if you have, bless your heart), you’ve heard me mention Hayley. If not, you can check her out here or here. Hayley joined my ole Bosses’ team several years ago, but before that, she worked for our corporate office. The reason I want to brag on Hayley is because I don’t think most people know everything she does around here, and everything she can do for our clients. I pulled her in to give you the full scoop.

From Phones to Loans

An interview with the hottest mortgage banker in Texas, Hayley Rudy

Just the Assistant: First things first: How is Ryder?

Poor Ryder

Hayley: He’s way better. But he’s hyper and likes to jump on things, so now we have to pick him up and place him on the floor when he wants down from the bed. Thank for asking!

[Please note, Hayley’s dachshund, Ryder, pulled a neck muscle last month. We considered forming an office prayer group for him, but it sounds like he’s on the up and up, so that won’t be needed.)

JTA: So you’ve been with Envoy a long time, right?

Hayley: I started working for the corporate office when I was 19.

JTA: And what was your job?

Hayley: I was a receptionist. I answered phones, got the mail, things like that.

Hayley at Envoy

And I had to Google “What is a mortgage?” If they would have seen my Google history they probably would’ve fired me. During the interview, Dana Gompers [one of the founders of our company] asked about my experience and I was like, ‘I was the receptionist at a hair place and I’m really nice on the phone.’ And he hired me. And if he’s reading, tell him thank you! I wouldn’t be where I am today had he not hired me all those years ago.

[Hey Dana, you reading? No? Busy running a mortgage bank? Well maybe one of your friends can pass along the message – Great job in hiring Hayley! You, sir, know how to pick ‘em!]

JTA: Ha! Then what happened?

Hayley: I stayed in that position for about two years, and then I went on to work in HR for a couple of years. The company was so small back then that it was easy work. We only had three branches.

[Now there are 100 branches, of which we are the smartest and most famous.]

JTA: Then what happened?

Hayley: I wanted to go into sales. I had Googled enough at that point that I knew what a mortgage was,  [She’s so funny!] and so I moved into the position of loan coordinator. And less than a year after that, James and Chad asked me to start working as the loan coordinator for their branch. And that’s when we met!

JTA: Yay! Okay, but now you’re a mortgage banker. How’d that happen?

Hayley: I’d been working for James and Chad for about a year when all the laws changed. All of a sudden, because I wasn’t a licensed mortgage banker, I couldn’t talk to their clients about interest rates, even though I knew about interest rates. So James and Chad encouraged me to take classes and get my mortgage banking license. Basically they wanted me to take on more responsibility. I wanted that, too, but I wouldn’t have gone for it had they not encouraged me and been there for me.

When I passed the test I screamed and hugged the administrator. I don’t think you’re supposed to do that.

[Note: I Googled it, and hugging the administrator is, in fact, generally frowned upon.]

JTA: So now you still work some for the ole Bosses James and Chad on their loans, but you do your own loans now, too, right?

Hayley: Yes! It’s the best of both worlds because James and Chad have a lot of tricky loans, like borrowers that are self-employed and stuff. So I get the experience from the tricky files from them, and I’m getting to grow my own business in the meantime and work on my own loans.

JTA: You have your own clients – I love that! What do you want people to know about you?

Hayley: I love what I do. Being at the closing table and seeing people getting a house – that’s why I do this job. I really love seeing people happy. And I love that every situation is different. I like figuring out their story to get them to a loan.

Hayley Loves Her Job

Just the Assistant: Hayley, you’re a rock star. Now go answer all those phone calls!

Y’all, the girl is golden. She practically runs her own business here between managing her own loans and helping James and Chad on theirs. Want to know how much house you can afford? Want to refinance the one you already own? Want that loan from the hottest mortgage banker in Texas? Of course you do! And while you get in touch with Hayley – 713.858.6169 or – I’m off to grab a Dr. Pepper from the ladies’ room handicap stall.

UPDATE: After posting the above, people started contacting Hayley thinking she’s the toilet lady. What are y’all smoking? Stall Lady and Hayley are two different people. I wouldn’t encourage you all to get mortgages with someone who offices in a bathroom.

21 thoughts on “From Phones to Loans: The Hottest Mortgage Banker in Texas

  1. Hayley, it looks like the message light on your phone is lit up. Please get on that when you have a minute. Thank you!

  2. When Hayley was hired I was overseas. I remember the phone conversation I had with Dana and it went something like this: “Dana, it’s four in the morning over here and I’m a little tired …. Did you say you just hired someone (Hayley) with no mortgage experience after we said we said we weren’t doing this anymore?” Dana said, “Yes”. I asked how many people he interviewed for the job. Dana said, “One”. Since 2006, when she first came on board, we have seen a 975% increase to loan volume (that’s not a typo). In 2006 we were licensed in 16 states with approximately 16 locations. Today, we are licensed in 48 states with 100 locations. Hayley has been there every step of the way. We truly appreciate everything she has done for the organization. Dana and I are truly fulfilled to see her now with enough mortgage knowledge to pass it along to someone with none.

    “Give someone fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”

    Thank you, Hayley … David Z

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