I Sold Gold

It’s like ants in here. Mortgage bankers galore, answering phones and pacing and typing. My ole Boss James walked by “my” cube (they don’t give me my own cube) earlier and asked, “When are you going to write about our new people?” as he vaguely wafted his hand over a few of them. Dude, they’ve been here like four days. I don’t know anything about these people. Correction, the guy sitting next to me is named Richard and he lives near Gallery Furniture. That’s it. And he’s wearing a white shirt today. I typically like to write informative pieces about my co-workers, but with James rushing me, this is the best I can come up with:

Getting to Know Richard AlvaradoJust working with what I’ve got, folks. If Gallery Furniture Richard does anything interesting, I’ll let you know.

And another new guy, John, is on the phone right now going, “Okay you see the picture of you in front of the trees? Now click that button that says ‘Edit Profile Picture’ – you see it? Click that.” I mouthed out, “Your grandma?” but he hasn’t answered.

Now, on to other matters: I sold gold.

Y’all remember when I visited the CoinStar machine, how I felt like a hobo? Well, I sold a gold coin this weekend. I swear I’m not, like, living in the gutters over here, but y’all, gold is hot right now! Here’s the thing. When I got married, someone gave us a gold coin as a wedding gift (everybody else gave us fondue pots). For the past ten years, my husband and I have kept that gold coin (and re-gifted the fondue pots) tucked quietly away in any random hiding place we could think of. In our first apartment it stayed under the kitchen sink, in our second apartment we stuck it in the laundry room. Then I think we lost it for a few months and found it once we moved into our first house. Pretty sure we kept it with our dinner plates back then. Every so often, we’d discuss our gold.

“A Hawaii vacation sounds nice. Think we should sell the coin?”

“You think we’ll ever sell the coin? Or should we save it for, like, wartime?”

“What are we going to do with this thing? Should we keep it so we can say we own gold?”

Then last month, I was chatting with V-Shaped Mortgage Banker Will Zugheri. Will used to be in the jewelry business. Seriously, sometimes people even find my blog by typing “Zugheri Jewelry.” Will was reminiscing about the good ole days and telling me about dealing with gold. (On a side note, Will was trying to explain something about how Rolexes were made and he started looking around the office. I realized he was actually checking to see if any of us were wearing Rolexes so he could demonstrate further. “Uh, Will? Nobody’s sporting Rolexes around here, buddy.”) Somehow the conversation drifted toward selling gold, and I mentioned my gold coin. And that’s when Will gave me the scoop on gold. “Don’t go to any of these ‘We buy gold’ places. Go to blah blah blah…” and named some fancy sounding gold business.

For the next few weeks, Will kept an eye on gold prices for me as I picked his brain on the gold industry. “You think it’s, like, shady to sell gold?” I asked. Will assured me that it is perfectly acceptable to sell gold, and finally told me, if he were me, he’d sell it. I was still nervous. I asked him about it so much you would’ve thought I had this wooden chest of gold in my dining room. Like my back porch was like a scene from The Goonies with jewels and necklaces and signet rings and Sloth in the backround eating a Baby Ruth.

But I had one coin, people. One coin. And I decided to go for it. I sold gold.

Outside the gold store:

Selling Gold

Inside the gold store:

Gold Store

Guess who opened the door for me once I got there? A police officer! I was so nervous. I held up my purse, indicating my gold, trying to prove that I wasn’t a robber and that there was no need to be alarmed. I had this whole speech memorized for once I got to the counter. So I’ve had this gold coin for a while and I swear I’m not a gambling addict or anything but I was wondering if this is an establishment that could help me…

I never got a word out. The old man behind the counter said, “I see you’ve got a Canadian Maple there. I’ll be right back.” Forty-five seconds later he came back and told me he’d give me a boatload of money for it. Boatload for these pockets, anyway.

Here’s me being nervous about carrying around my gold money.

Protecting my Gold

Speaking of boatloads of cash, this is the final week for my Kindle Fire HD giveaway. Read the details here because I don’t feel like typing it all out again.

Finally, have any of you sold gold? Or pawned anything? Had a gambling addiction? Robbed a gas station? Tell me all about it! I’m off to buy a Rolex.

17 thoughts on “I Sold Gold

  1. Dear whatever Your Name is — I hope you keep doing what you’re doing. Your blog is one of the few truly funny things I read all day. And I read quite a bit. You are funny without trying too hard to be funny, which is actually a gift. Keep it up.– A Texas Professor

  2. Wait…I wanna know how rich the coin made you?! Are we talking 10’s? 100’s? 1000’s?! You skipped over that great detail to the story…..I was all ready for you to go to Hawaii with your Canadian maple. Guess I’ll have to google it.

  3. Well – I had NO idea we had a Gold Owner in the neighborhood !!! – Now at least you won’t be taking that gold coin to hide in your new house. – The OLD Hummingbird man 🙂

  4. Awesome! You really had me on the edge of my seat! Dear John is the only experience I have with coin collecting, so thanks for the education.

  5. I would just want to come to your office to chit chat with those Envoy people. You got a serial online dater, dude who used to work in jewelry, a chick with a really awesome dachshund, etc. I mean, they sell the company. 😉

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