Please Help Straight Shooter Shane Take Over the World

The Art

We got a new piece of art for the office. I think it looks like a lady filling out a loan application over the phone. And the dude is her lover, and he’s all listening in to make sure she does it right, or else he’s out the door, you hear?

"I'll take the 30-year fixed, darling."

“I’ll take the 30-year fixed, darling.”


The Giveaway

Straight Shooter Shane is trying out Facebook marketing. He asked me, “What would make you click on a Facebook ad for a mortgage banker?” I told him he better not put anything psycho like “LOW INTEREST RATES! CALL NOW!!!!” and he’s assured me he’s not going down that road, but he’s still struggling to decide on the wording. I told him that I’d want it to say something like “Get a loan with an honest mortgage banker,” or like, “Want an honest, attentive mortgage banker?” But then I realized that last line sounds like you’re talking about a boyfriend, so maybe that’s not good.

What do y’all think? Would you ever click on a Facebook ad for a mortgage banker? And do you think Shane should put up a picture of his family? I don’t. I’ve always thought it’s silly when furniture stores or pickup truck dealers put their kids in the commercial. It actually makes me not want to do business with them. I’m like, “Listen dude, you’re probably too busy changing diapers to properly serve me.” Just kidding. I’m really not like that. Well, kind of I am.

Okay folks, please comment below with your fabulous ideas, or email Shane – He only gets 20 characters for the heading, so make it snappy and brief, people. (I just checked and twenty characters is pretty much two or three words, so do your best, folks.) But, he gets 90 characters for the body, so have a hay day, readers!

Now, the fun part. If you submit the winning slogan, Shane will give you a 0% mortgage! Okay, no he won’t, but he might write you back and be all, “Thank you!”

And, he’ll send you a $25 Target Gift Card! What!?

Target Gift Card

But here’s the thing. If y’all just end up sending us a bunch of crap and Shane doesn’t want to use any of it, there will be no prize. (Not that I think y’all will send crap, but in the event that you’ve all taken up heavy drinking while blog reading, I’m going to protect Shane from any “We does good murtagess” ideas.)

You can submit as many ideas as you’d like.

Alright folks, send over your slogans, pitches, and hooks. Shane will choose the winner in one week. (And remember, nobody enters my giveaways, like not even my mom, so chances are good folks, chances are good.)

2 thoughts on “Please Help Straight Shooter Shane Take Over the World

  1. Ok – this is past the deadline – and nobody entered your giveaway,… so here’s my contribution:

    Swim with Dolphins……..

    Not the Sharks! At Envoy mortgage we only employ honest friendly people. Try the rest then come visit the best!

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