A couple of years ago my ole Boss Chad had one of his many great ideas. He sent me an email in the middle of the night asking what I thought about us creating an app. Did he have an idea of what the app would do? Nope. Any ideas on how to even make an app in the first place? Nuh uh. I promptly filed the email away in my “Chad’s Great Ideas” folder and haven’t thought about it since.

In what would at first appear to be unrelated news, in the two years since this incident, Chad has coached and trained and poured into Hottest Mortgage Banker in Texas Hayley. Together, they work on loans, wow realtors and take care of borrowers. Really, they make a great team. So, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when Chad stepped out of a meeting he was having with Hayley to find me.

“Hayley has an idea,” Chad announced, and excitedly motioned me into his office.

“What is it?” I asked, ready to hear a solid idea because Hayley is arguably the smartest person in this office.

Hayley beamed. “What if we created an app?”

Chad sat grinning up at me, proud that he had thought of the idea first, and proud that Hayley is catching on to his teachings. I just shook my head and listened as Hayley wondered aloud, “What? What is it? Isn’t it a good idea?”

Chad and Hayley's big Idea

I will give Hayley credit though. At least she had ideas as to what the app would do, which is a significant advance on Chad’s original idea. Once they become rich and famous, I’ll let you know.

Speaking of ingenuity, someone broke their key off inside the women’s bathroom doorknob (we have to use keys to get in the bathrooms here), thus locking all the ladies out. Pro Janean and Front Desk Wonder Lady Christi took turns standing guard outside the men’s room afterward. I’m not sure if I’d rather use a men’s restroom or pee at my desk, to tell you the truth.

I wonder what the woman who offices in the ladies’ room thought about this whole debacle? I’ll bet she set up in the men’s handicap stall.

Speaking of men, I’m sitting in the ole Boss James’ office today in hopes that he’ll do anything interesting (he won’t). Unfortunately the most exciting thing he has done is answered his phone and explained interest rates to a borrower.

James on the Phone

Finally, dear readers, Chad is trying to come up with a name for his website. Here are some suggestions from folks around the office. What’s your pick?

Alright, readers, you get to submitting website names, and I’m off to jam the ladies’ room door again to see if I can make anything interesting happen in this office. If it causes too much mayhem, maybe Chad and Hayley’s app can fix it.