Items of Note

Items of Note:

  • Our beloved Front Door Man Otis gave me and Front Desk Wonder Lady Christi flowers. Now it is possible that you have a decent door man at your office, but that dude ain’t got nothin’ on our Otis:
  • Otis' Flowers - Christi
  • Otis' Flowers
  • Last week when I entered the building, Otis goes, “Just the Assistant in THA HOUSE!” I may talk to the ole Bosses about hiring Otis to be my promoter.
  • Online Dater Mortgage Banker Jason has not found his lost love yet. This is possibly due to the fact that I only have seven readers and none of them live in Seattle. The search continues…
  • Our Front Desk Wonder Lady Christi has gone back to school. She’s still manning the front desk and warding off printer pirates by day, but at night, she’s jotting notes and attending night classes. And get this. It’s seminary. From now on we shall refer to Front Desk Wonder Lady Christi as our Front Desk Pastor Christi. Here she is on her lunch break today (and look – she still has her eyes on her computer. Atta girl.)

Pastor Christi

  • We have a bulletin board in the office filled with pictures of the team in various stages of lunacy in various locations. It baffles me why nobody finds it odd that there’s a topless picture of my ole Boss Chad. I’m guessing Rachelle put it up there so she can be all, “MeOW!” every time she passes the board.
  • Office Board
  • A mortgage insurance company brought us all lunch yesterday (bbq and cupcakes – I only ate the cupcakes). Readers, I present to you, the cupcake trick (I learned this from my pal Emily):
  • Cupcake trick
  • V-Shaped Mortgage Banker Will did not eat any bbq, saying he really doesn’t like it. May I remind you that Will eats meat out of cans?
  • Will's thoughts on BBQ

    The Meat Connoisseur

  • Straight-Shooter Shane hosted a lunch-n-learn here at the office where he wowed some realtors with his mortgage savvy and fed them sandwiches. Jason and Hayley ate all the leftovers and now they’re trying to convince Shane to conduct more lunch-n-learns.
  • Then Nametag-Wearing Richard cooked waffles for his realtors and brought the leftovers to the office, so now everybody is being extra nice to Richard so that he’ll do it again.
  • Richard's Waffles

Okay folks, you all have a good long weekend. I’m off to hire Otis to follow me around and let people know I’m in THA HOUSE!