What Happened at Bingo

Last night the office played bingo and invited people we hope will send us business people we love. (I swear I’m going to get myself fired.)

I weaseled one reader to come, so it looks like the other three of you missed out, huh? (We took a picture but I looked crazy in it and I’m vain, so, you don’t get a picture.)

Okay, first of all, there were TWO gender reveal parties taking place at the bingo hall last night (not in our group though – we prefer the old fashion Facebook status updates to announce any offspring genders born to this office).

Bingo Gender Reveal

The bingo announcer kept calling it a “baby reveal” which I thought was really funny. What are they getting?! A baby person, a baby dog, ferret, what? I can’t take the suspense!

It’s a Labrador!

Unfortunately for the Gender Reveal One group, Gender Reveal Two ended up releasing pink and blue balloons to announce their twins (I’m not sure what the yellow one was all about). So for Gender Reveal One it was like, Oh, you’re just having one kid? A boy? Big deal.

(Just the Assistant Note: I heard through the bingo grapevine that one set of the soon-to-be parents go to my church. If I get kicked out or have to repent in front of the entire congregation, I’ll let you know so you can come hear it. Maybe I’ll even live blog it. Also, I have no idea what Gender Reveal One group ended up having because I left after I finished my pizza and wine.)

After the baby reveal hoopla, it was time for some serious bingo-ing. Some highlights from the night:

(Note: If these pictures show up tiny, I’m suing WordPress because I worked on them for like four hours.)

Me and my Boss James. He thinks I’m hysterical.

Bingo Fire

Hollywood Insider Gobe and her realtor pal (seriously – realtors love Gobe – it’s like she’s magic):

Bingo Ready

The Boss Chad making sure everyone stayed drunk hydrated:

Bingo Double Beers

Pro Janean and I ready to win big:

Bingo Skills

The guys had a lot to talk about:

Bingo Football

This is Gobe’s other realtor pal who lost $600 because some jerk at the next table won bingo before her and she only had ONE spot left.

Bingo Fury

Don’t worry. The jerk was sufficiently booed.

Here’s a whole gang of folks who for the life of themselves could NOT take a decent picture (except for this one guy who clearly knew what was up (I think he and I could be great friends)):

Bingo Not Ready

And again:

Bingo Still Not Ready

And again.

Bingo Kind of Ready

I gave up.

Okay folks, you all have a superb weekend, and I’m off to announce on Facebook that my labradoodle is male.