Shane and I Are Going to Lose It and Happy Thanksgiving

Straight-Shooter Shane and I are about to LOSE IT. Shane is about to lose it because he wants the government to get out of his hair and just let him do loans instead of making him take all these continuing education classes. Let ‘em just do the loans, Mr. Government!

Shane is Going to Lose It Censored

And I am about to lose it because Spirit Airlines has the worst automated phone line in the history of the universe AND they will not let me purchase bags online without signing up for a lifetime of spam. AND they want to know every detail of my being down to my blood type and mother’s maiden in order to sign up for the lifetime of spam in order to pay for the checked bags. And I’m not even buying the bags for me – they’re for my mom, who is flying here tomorrow, on a flight that is leaving at noon even though the airline previously told us she’d be leaving at 7 PM. And they didn’t even tell us of the time change until right this second. It was just an afterthought, mentioned on the “Time to Check In for Your Stupid Sucky Flight!” email.

Let’s all take a deep breath now. Ready.



Thank you readers. I feel a lot better now. (You might be wondering if this is a mortgage blog. Yes, yes it is.)

Okay…business time. I just got back from the corporate office where I interviewed some big shot guy who thinks he’s all that. Interview to come next week in which you’ll learn about the Big Shot and my, shall we say limited knowledge of Texas history, so please hold your horses, folks. In the meantime, here’s the fun part. After I interviewed the Big Shot, I found Ty’s office. Remember Ty? (More on him here.) He’s the guy who is my Boss James’ boss now. I don’t know if that means he’s my boss or not (probably does, huh?), but anyway, I found his office.

It was empty.

Ty's Empty Office

The Big Shot who was showing me around encouraged me to open a drawer or two and poke around while I was there. “No way!” I hissed. “What if I find a revolver?” Instead, I sat at his desk and talked on his phone.

Ty's NonEmpty Office

WOO ha ha ha!

Okay folks, I know this is a random, slightly erratic array of ramblings that make little sense, but I’ve just had seven hours of “time to prepare for house guests” time lobbed off my schedule, and I’ve got to wash some towels.

Before I go, listen up. I always talk to friends about how I love writing this blog. But rarely do I mention that the only reason I get to do this is because you read it. I am so very thankful for each of you. (Even the random hits I receive from dudes searching for porn. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry there’s no porn here.) But the rest of you? The actual readers who follow along on these kooky office adventures? You, my dears, ROCK. Thank you. Please have yourself an awesome Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you next week.

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