This Stuff’s Made in New York City!

On Tuesday of this week before I posted my blog, I leaned my head into my Boss James’ office and chirped, “I’m doing a giveaway with your letter from the hearts!” (Here’s the post.) James looked at me like I’m all stupid and goes, “You know nobody’s gonna want those, right?”

So I played it cool and was like, “I know. I mean, I’m telling people it’s a lame giveaway…” and then kind of slinked back to my cube. And for the next hour, while people around me did meaningful work, I drew pictures for my blog and then posted it. Afterward, while browsing Anthropologie’s sale page making myself really useful around the office, I heard my phone ping.

An email! (Nobody ever emails me so it’s kind of a big deal.)

But not just any email, my friends.

An email from…

New York City! What tha what!? It was a reader who wanted one of James’ letters! I may only have seven readers out there, but by George one of them is reading my blog from New York City, and if that doesn’t confirm that I am insanely famous, I don’t know what does.

And get this…She’s an assistant! So now I’m all like this…

NYC Assistant

I don’t know what she looks like, but I gave her black spiky hair because I think black spiky hair is edgy, and she’s probably edgy if she lives in the Big Apple. The rest of the picture is entirely accurate, except for I actually don’t know how to use the copy machine.

Once I read the email I ran to James’ office where I found him rubbing his face (he does that whenever he sees me approaching his office). “I just got an email from a reader in New York who wants a letter!”

“You did? Who?” he asked.

“I don’t know! But she’s from New York City! And she reads my blog!”

And then I grabbed the ball he always throws around the office from his desk and threw it at his head and told him to stop doubting me.


Now, before I release six of you to enjoy your weekend here in the south, and the other one of you to enjoy your weekend in Manhattan, I have a picture to share.

Remember how I told you I was able to sneak into the Envoy Mortgage Fancy Pants Christmas Party? And remember how I told that when I realized you got your picture taken as soon as you walked in the door, I asked a complete stranger to get in my picture with me?

Ta dah! (I had just told her, “Act like you’re laughing really hard and then people will be jealous of us.”

Christmas Party Strangers

Okay readers, you all have a great weekend, and I’m off to give my regards to Broadway.