It’s Not You; It’s me

Has anyone ever sunk into a depression over a blog? And if so, are there support groups for this?

Dear readers (oh my gosh – even writing your name is making me wince and place my hand over my heart and let forth a sort of groaning sound like my dog does when I won’t play fetch with him),

I have really big, kind of sad, kind of happy, news to share, and I don’t know how to wrap it up into anything funny…

Sweet readers, within the next week or so, I will be writing my last Just the Assistant post. There, I will fill you in on all the details about why this is happening (thankfully, it was my decision and they didn’t can me after all), and let you know where you can keep reading my ever thought-provoking ramblings on the purpose of life, and how I don’t know how to work the copy machine, and the stories behind the people I meet, and my love for pizza and my fine cat Harold, and whether or not I will ever come in not-last place at my CrossFit gym, and the ins and outs of brushing my teeth beside an engineer every night.

So please bear with me while I attempt to put into words a long, sappy good-bye, along with the scoop about what I’ll be doing in the future. And while I work on that, you all have a happy Tuesday. Well, not too happy though, okay?

Now, off to write a really difficult good-bye…

4 thoughts on “It’s Not You; It’s me

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