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About Christina Ledbetter

For three years, I was just the assistant for two mortgage bankers. That means my bosses provided people with home loans, and I poured the coffee.

Ever since I started working for these guys they’d talked about starting a blog…


Thankfully, I convinced them nobody would read it and they should let me blog about the mortgage industry (and clothes and make-up and hair products). For around six months I kept up with the blog between making sure the office was stocked with toilet paper and filling out expense reports.

Eventually it became obvious that I was much more interested in writing than stuffing envelopes though. So now, just as a journalist embeds himself with an army platoon in the war, I hang out in this mortgage office as a reporter.

Over the years, my Bosses have grown their business, and now I write about the whole team here at the Memorial Branch of Envoy Mortgage.

I read Glamour Magazine and wish I could buy all my clothes from Anthropologie. I love pizza more than most people love their spouses.

Got mortgage (or hair, fashion, salad, pizza or wine) questions? I can connect you with the right people.

mchristinaledbetter@gmail.com c: 713.725.1419

 About James Beaver – “The Ole Boss James”  NMLS # 235054

James has two modes.  Mode one, which takes place about 2 months per year, involves extreme physical goals (full marathon, the MS 150, Iron Man Hawaii) in which he trains ferociously and only eats what I’ve labeled as space food.  During these 2 months per year, my job is to tell him how great he’s doing.

Mode two fills in the remaining 10 months, in which James talks about what went wrong with his training for said extreme sport.  He puts off all physical activity, sustains himself on French fries and beer, and talks often about how he used to play soccer in college.  During these 10 months per year, my job is to listen, shake my head sympathetically, and feign awe that he played soccer in college.

Concerning mortgages, he’s the most honest and thorough person in the business.  You’ve got a question?  He will answer you with a roughly thousand word essay format e-mail that you can either a) read, or b) delete, and just trust that you are being taken care of better than you can imagine.

JBeaver@EnvoyMortgage.com  c: 713.213.5205

About Christina Gobe – “Hollywood Insider Mortgage Banker Gobe”

Christina is a celebrity gossip junky, so much so that we were actually surprised when she wasn’t invited to Tom and Katie’s wedding. But here’s the thing: she’s also a mortgage junky. Christina knows all the scoop concerning VA loans, FHA loans, regular loans, you name it. Because of this, and because she’s genuinely a really nice lady, realtors love her. Sometimes we’ll hear Christina on the phone and think she’s talking to a friend or a sister, only to find out it is a realtor, a lucky realtor who does business with Christina.

Looking for a mortgage banker who knows it all? Contact Christina Gobe at:

CGobe@EnvoyMortgage.com c: 713.725.7475

About Jason Bates – “Online Dater Mortgage Banker Jason”

Jason is an online dater. Sometimes the rest of us in the office get bored with our lives and beg him to tell us his dating stories, and then Jason spends a few minutes pacifying us with his tales of dinners gone wrong. Not only does Jason accommodate us, he also accommodates his clients. But instead of dishing about his dating life, he tells his borrowers everything they need to know about mortgages.

Jason is the friendliest guy in our branch and on days that he’s out meeting with clients or realtors, we actually miss him and ask each other, “Where’s Jason?” His borrowers feel the same way, and that’s why so many of his clients refer him to their moms, brothers and sisters. Well, that and the fact that the guy is really good at what he does. Realtors also love Jason because of his eagerness to help them with their business. And when clients and realtors are pleased with his work (which is, like, every day), Jason likes to shout, “Boom!” And when he’s not shouting, he is mountain biking or watching movies with his nieces and nephews.

Want Jason to shout, “Boom!” after providing you with a super smart loan? Contact him at:

JBates@EnvoyMortgage.com or 281.682.2407

About Shane Davis – “Straight Shooter Shane”

Shade Davis and Family

Shane used to be in a fraternity in college and refuses to show anyone else in the office the secret handshake of the fraternity house. The guy is devoted. He’s also devoted to mortgages. After majoring in management and marketing from Texas Tech, Shane began working in the mortgage industry in 2006. At his last company, he was the boss, so now we all warily eye him to make sure he’s not trying to take over the whole office. Shane is also crazy about his family and has an adorable son (please see Shane’s Facebook page for the alphabetical albums of the kid).

Shane doesn’t monkey around with clients. Sometimes the rest of us are like, “Dang, he sure told that guy how it is.” Straight shooter, that Shane. While other mortgage banks tell borrowers exactly what they want to hear (think, “1% interest and no fees!” but then the fee ends up being like $19,000), Shane explains all aspects of a mortgage to his clients in an honest way. Turns out, our clients like honesty. That’s why they come back to Shane.

Looking for an honest mortgage and don’t feel like being coddled? Give Shane a shout:

SDavis@EnvoyMortgage.com or 281.822.0660 ext. 2012

While I will use this blog to make fun of all these people, you should know that I think very highly of all of them. I’ve used this team for my own mortgages even before I started working here, and when I’m a famous author soaking it up in the Rocky Mountains one day, I’m still going to be using this gang for my vacation homes. I won’t even need mortgages by then, but I’ll get them anyway. Let’s hope James has stopped talking up the glory days on the soccer field by then…

19 thoughts on “Who’s Who

  1. I work on a team of consultants that deal with mortgage companies at CareerBuilder… and I have to say i forwarded this blog to everyone on my team and you are a HUGE hit in our office!!!! HILARIOUS

  2. I’ve been so entertained by this website in the past hour! How is it not more popular around the corporate office?! Hilariously precise descriptions of two great dudes by the way.

  3. Chad has told me about your blog on numerous occasions. He is lucky to have a constant source of humor in his work day. Keep em honest and keep em laughin. GOOD JOB!

  4. If you don’t make it, I’ll come picket for the place for you!!! As a past and future client, I would hope I have SOME influence. Then again, Chad has known me a LONG LONG LONG time (oh the pictures I could share), so my picketing may have the opposite effect! GOOD LUCK!

  5. Dear Boss Chad and Boss James,

    I am a justttheassistant reader from Seattle – and unfortunately I can’t come to Texas for the Save the Blog event! If I could, I would – and bring 49 friends.

    I really enjoy Christina’s blog – and not just for the witticisms, though perhaps that has made me come back twice a week since I discovered the blog several months ago. I have actually learned things about the mortgage business and the sorts of people I want to work with – your kind of people.

    Please don’t pull the plug!

    • Kristine- I appreciate your sentiment. I really hope there are enough people in Houston who feel the same way so we don’t have to whack this blog. That would be a real bummer. Maybe you should ask Christina if you can write a short guest-post where you can plead the case for all our loyal readers who live too far away to help save the blog. Maybe our friends in Seattle can challenge our local Houston readers to step up to the plate, and save the blog. It’s hard to imagine that in a city with 4 million people, we can’t get 50 people to stop by and let us buy them a beer and some tasty snack crackers. But I guess that’s the risk we run. If you think you’re up for that kind of endeavor, I know Christina would sure appreciate it. All the best!

  6. So I am considering working for Envoy in Florida and want the inside scoop. So far I have met Steve Whipple, and will have a telephone call tomorrow from Jim Hopkins. Next week I will come and meet with 13 or so folks. I think it will be like a one day speed dating session. Any suggestions on how to survive and still get the job? Sincerely, “The potential new-bee”

    • Hey! I’m so glad you wrote! Funny – I am in Florida right now on vacation 🙂 maybe we will pass each other in the air. Since I blog for the memorial/heights branch, I won’t be at corporate when you come, but I know you’ll do great! Tip for talking with Jim Hopkins – he does triathlons – you should tell him you think that is the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard. 😉

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