Interest Rates and the Animal Kingdom

Happy New Year, readers! It seems like reporters got quite lazy over the holidays, and instead of just owning up to it like I did and quit writing for two weeks straight, they sissied out and wrote a bunch of crap “here’s what happened in 2012 that we’ve already told you about” articles.

In the spirit of those crap recaps, I would like to let you all know where we stand as far as interest rates go. And since nobody is doing anything interesting in the office today, I’d like to display a brief history of mortgage interest rates compared to animals. Remember, smaller is better when it comes to interest rates…

Interest Rates and the Animal Kingdom: Then and Now

Animal Kingdom Interest Rates

And now let’s take a peek at modern times:

Interest Rates Today

So remember, interest rates are low. Lower than 30 years ago, lower than 20 years ago, lower than 10 years ago, but a tiny bit higher than a month ago. If you’d like to know more, let me know or simply fill out a loan application on the right with “Just the Assistant and the Animal Kingdom” in the referred by section, and I can pull some strings and get your name displayed on our fancy flat screen TV in the foyer when you come in to chat about your praying mantis-sized mortgage with one of my normal-sized fab co-workers.